Victorian Rose Collection

A natural bouquet for your skin 

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victorian rose cleansing milk.png

       Victorian Rose  Cleansing Milk

   a light,non irritating cleansing milk


           4 oz Pump Bottle  $42.00          

rose mist.png

             Victorian Rose  Facial Mist

       revitalize and balance sensitive skin

                4 oz Spray Bottle $38.00           

victorian rose hydratant.png

         Victorian Rose  Hydratant

    calm inflamed and irritated areas


           4 oz Pump Bottle $72.00          

victorian rose cream masque.png

   Victorian Rose Cream Facial Masque

 for dry, irritated, or rosacea skin types


            4 oz Pump Bottle $65.00             

rose powder masque.png

     Rose Powder Facial Masque


             4 oz Jar  $30.00          

Red Rose Lip Scrub.png

         Red Rose Lip Scrub

       natural sugar exfoliation​  


             1  oz Jar  $12.00          

rose room mist.png
2 oz Rose Spa Oil.png
rose body lotion.png

         Red Rose Spa Gift Set


2 oz Salt Scrub

2 oz Spa Oil

2 oz  Spa Salt

2 oz Body Lotion

2 oz Room Mist



Red Rose Lip Butter.png

            Red Rose Lip Slip


           1  oz Jar  $10.00          

Red Rose Lip Slip.png

         Red Rose Lip Slip

     saturates lips in high-shine. 


Red Rose lip tik.png

         Red Rose Lip Stik

      active sugar exfoliation


2 oz cream masque.png
2 oz rose cleansng milk.png
2 oz rose hydratant.png
2 oz  rse hydration mist.png
rose room mist.png

         Red Rose Facial Gift Set


2 oz Cleansing Milk

2 oz Facial Mist

2 oz Cream Masque

2 oz  Moisturizer

2 oz Room Mist



Rose Spa Products

Victorian Rose Sea Salt Scrub.png

            Victorian Rose Salt Scrub

 detoxify tissues and regenerate the skin

                    4 oz Jar   $45.00         

victorian rose bod lotion.png

                 Victorian Rose Body Lotion

                velvety rich body lotion 

                 4 oz Pump  Bottle $38.00              

Victorian Rose Body Butter.png

                Victorian Rose Body Butter

 a luxurious butter infused with the delicate  Rose 

                        4 oz Jar $40.00                

rose spa ol 2019.png

                     Rose Spa Oil 

     toning and antibacterial on the skin


           4 oz Pump Bottle  $38.00

Victorian Rose Spa Salt.png

                 Victorian Rose Spa Salt

Organic and natural bath salt  will detoxify and moisturize your skin while you are relaxing with your eyes closed,delicately scented with sweet rose 

                       8 oz Jar  $45.00            

All information is Copy Write & Trademark of Pure Esthetx LLC

All information is Copy Write & Trademark of Pure Esthetx LLC

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The power of nature working for your skin!