Treating Skin Types in the Summer

Pure Esthetx has compiled a skincare regime for treating your individual skin type and needs in the hot Summer months.  Here is a list of remedies for glowing skin during the hot summer to help keep your skin healthy and hydrated, clearer, softer and works well for all skin types. Follow these easy steps for gorgeous healthy skin. Here you will find some nutritional values to help with your specific skin types and how these simple steps will help maintain a healthy, glowing, vibrant skin during these hot summer months. Have lots of summer fun, but don't skimp on sleep. And drink lots of water. 

Treaing Normal Summer Skin

Normal skin is almost a perfect condition. Normal skin has good tone makes it smooth and supple, it has good blood circulation and is not sensitive. th and supple, it has good blood circulation and is not sensitive. 

Treating Dry Skin In the Summer

Treat your skin right this summer with out easy to follow guide for dry skin types. Here you will find nutritional values to help with your specific skin condition and how to properly maintain it during the hot summer months ahead. 

Treating Oily Skin in the Summer

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Treating Sensitive Skin This Summer

Sensitive skin becomes even more sensitized in the summer heat. Clam, soothe and repair your skin this summer. 

Treating Combination Skin this Summer

Caring for combination skin can be tricky in the summer months. To help you find the perfect balance, making small changes can significantly reduce the symptoms of combination skin! 

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