Soak, Exfoliate, Masque,Moisturize  

Our specialty manicure  and pedicure products allows for some serious hand and foot pampering!.Massage A rich cream into the cuticles and all over your over worked tired rough hands.and feet  Designed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your hands and feet  with anti aging properties and benefits These products enriches skin with key ingredients to give your hands and feet much needed nutrients.  Professional results served up for your convenience.  The Mani Pedi Spa products are available in a set or in singles.   

Apple Orchard Mani Pedi Spa.png

Apple Orchard Mani/Pedi Spa

Freshly picked apples straight from the orchard surrounds accords of fall in the air. Our apple orchard mani/pedi set is so refreshing, you will think someone just peeled a fresh apple in your house. Each Set  $130.00

Set Includes:

2 oz Chilled Apple Spray

2 oz Apple Orchard Spa Salt Soak

2 oz Apple Orchard Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Apple Orchard Cream Masque

2 oz Apple Orchard Butter Cream

Apple Orchard Mani/Pedi Singles

Blackbery Mani Pedi Spa.png

Blackberry Mani/Pedi Spa

Enjoy our Blackberry Signature Manicure & Pedicure Set or Singles. The natural oils and butter decreases the instance of dry skin and helps prevent premature aging of the skin. Each set  $120.00 

Set Includes:

2 oz Blackberry Mint Spray

2 oz Blackberry Spa Salt Soak

2 oz Blackberry Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Blackberry Cream Masque

2 oz Blackberry  Butter Cream

Blackberry Mani/Pedi Singles

Blueberry Mani Pedi Spa.png

Blueberry Delight Mani/Pedi Spa

Nourishing and anti-oxidant rich blueberry manicure/pedicure infuses the skin with moisture as hands and feet are properly pampered. Bursting with rich, ripe Blueberries,ultimate in blueberry delight.  $115.00 Each Set

Set Includes:

2 oz Chilled Blueberry Spritzer

2 oz Blueberry Salt Soak

2 oz Blueberry Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Blueberry Cream Masque

2 oz Blueberry  Butter Cream

Blueberry Delight Mani/Pedi Singles

Chocolate Cream Mani Pedi Spa.png

Chocolate Cream Mani/Pedi Spa

A luxurious treat for your Hands & Feet! Acts as an instant mood booster releasing your body's  endorphins  making you fell great and leaving your skin  luxuriously smooth. Each Set $130.00

Set Includes:

2 oz  Chocolate Frost Spray

2 oz  Chocolate Spa Salt Soak

2 oz Chocolate  Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Chocolate Cream Masque

2 oz Chocolate Cream Butter Cream

Chocolate Cream Mani/Pedi Singles

Peppermint Twist Mani Pedi Spa.png

  Peppermint Twist Mani/Pedi Spa

Great for runners and those who are on their feet a lot!  A classic spa pedicure with exhilarating cooling peppermint  Refreshing and invigorating  $115.00 Each Set

Set Includes:

2 oz Peppermint Frost Spray

2 oz Peppermint Spa Salt Soak

2 oz Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Peppermint Cream Masque

2 oz Peppermint Butter Cream 

Peppermint Twist Mani/Pedi Singles

PumpkinMani Pedi Spa.png

The Great Pumpkin Mani/Pedi Spa

Indulge your senses with one of Fall's favorite treats!  Relax and enjoy a warm fall scented  Mani /Pedi Pumpkin right in your own home. The Great Pumpkin Mani/Pedi Spa will leave your hands and feet  soft, nourished and replenished. $130.00

​Set Includes:

2 oz  Cooling Pumpkin Spritz

2 oz  Pumpkin Spa Salt Soak

2 oz  Pumpkin Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz  Pumpkin Cream Masque

2 oz  Pumpkin Butter Cream 

The Great Pumpkin Mani/Pedi Singles

Strawberry Mani Pedi Spa.png

    Strawberry Mani/Pedi Spa


Your hands & feet will take pleasure in a glorious strawberry indulgence! Natural strawberries exfoliate and smooth your skin. Rich Butter softens and moisturizes.   $130.00 Each Set

Set Includes:

2 oz Strawberry Ice Spritz

2 oz Strawberry Spa Salt Soak

2 oz Strawberry Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz Strawberry Cream Masque

2 oz Strawberry Butter Cream

Strawberry Mani/Pedi Singles

Victorian Rose Mani Pedi Spa.png

     Victorian Rose Mani/Pedi Spa


Indulge in one of our amazing spa treatments that will make your mani or pedi experience complete. Great for gifts and Holidays.  $130.00 Each Set


Set Includes :

2 oz  Cooling Rose Mani/Pedi  Spritz

2 oz  Victorian Rose Spa Salt Soak

2 oz  Victorian Rose Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz  Victorian Rose Cream Masque

2 oz  Victorian Rose Butter Cream

Victorian Rose Mani/Pedi Singles

Vanilla Bean Spa.jpg

         Vanilla Bean Mani/Pedi Spa


A warm aromatic scent relaxes and restores your mind,body and spirit. Sea Salt ,Natural oils and butters  combine to exfoliate and soften the skin with anti-oxidant benefits..  $130.00 Each Set


Set Includes :

2 oz  Vanilla Frost Mani/Pedi Spritz

2 oz  Vanilla Bean Spa Salt Soak

2 oz  Vanilla Bean Sea Salt Scrub

2 oz  Vanilla Bean Cream Masque

2 oz  Vanilla Bean Butter Cream

Vanilla Bean Mani/Pedi Singles