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The Chocolate Spa collection is truly a decedent collection of the very best cocoa infused products which combines the most exclusive chocolate and aromatherapy spa treatments. We have incorporated natural butters, essential oils and herbal extracts combined with natural cocoa and shea butter to provide the  ultimate in skin treatment indulgence. In addition to being a  visual and a sensory indulgence, chocolate contains over 300 different compounds some of which can have a significant impact on one’s health and beauty.!


chocolate sugar facial scrub

                 Chocolate Sugar Facial Scrub

skin-beautifying,anti-ageing benefits of chocolate w


                        4 oz Jar $52.00  

Chocolate Facial Products

chocolate powder masque.png

             Powdered Chocolate Facial Masque

 infuses the skin with vital antioxidants  100% natural


                               4 oz Jar   $45.00  

Green Apple Lip Scrub (19).png

    Chocolate Truffle Lip Scrub

        natural sugar exfoliation 

                 1 oz Jar   $12.00  

chocolate martini.png

         Chocolate Martini Lip Scrub

         natural sugar exfoliation


                 1 oz Jar $12.00         

wite chcolate.png

         White Chocolate Lip Scrub

         natural sugar exfoliation


               1 oz Jar $12.00         

Chocolate Truffle Lip Butter.png

          Chocolate  Truffle Lip Slip



               1/2 oz Jar $10.00         

white chocolate lip butter.png

             White Chocolate Lip Slip



                12 oz Jar $10.00         

choclate martini lip butter.png

         Chocolate Martini Lip Slip



                 1/2  oz Jar $10.00         

Chocolate Truffle Lip Stik.png

         Chocolate  Truffle Lip Stik

                  active sugar exfoliation



Chocolate Truffle Lip Slip.png

         Chocolate  Truffle Lip Slip

                 active sugar exfoliation



White Chocolate Lip Stik.png

       White  Chocolate Lip Slip

             active sugar exfoliation



White Chocoate Lip Slip.png

       White  Chocolate Lip Slip

              active sugar exfoliation




Chocolate Martini Lip Stik.png

      Chocolate Martini Lip Stik

               active sugar exfoliation



Chocolate Martini Lip Slip.png

    Chocolate Martini Lip Slip

            active sugar exfoliation




Chocolate Spa Products

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Chocolate

                  Chocolate Sea Salt Scrub

 powerful antioxidant helps to repair damaged skin,


                                  4 oz Jar  $50.00  

Chocolate Spa Salt

                     Chocolate Spa  Salt

  hydrate and brighten dull, dry tired skin 


                     8  oz  $ 45.00  

chocolate shea shower cream.png

           Chocolate Shea Shower Cream

leaves your skin luxuriously soft and smooth. 

               4 oz Pump Bottle $45.00

chocolate spa oil 2019.png

                   Chocolate Spa Oil     

       a deeply satisfying spa experience


                      4 oz Bottle $40.00

chocolate milk bath

                 Chocolate Milk Bath

. a luxurious spa treatment right at home

                    8 oz Jar  $ 56.00  

chocolae butter cream 2019.png

               Chocolate Butter Cream

       offering 24 hours of skin hydration

                    4 oz Jar $45.00

chocolate shower cream.png
chocolate spa oil (2).png
Powdered Chocolate Masque.jpg

Chocolate Spa Set

Set Includes:

2 oz Body Scrub

2 oz Shower Cream

2 oz Spa oil 

2oz Facial Masque



FireShot Screen Capture #1869 - 'Salt Sc

       Chocolate Mani/ Pedi Singles

                       $26.00    Each        

         Chocolate Mani Pedi Kit



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