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The Benefit of Using Lip Products

Many people  forget that our lips need just as much skin loving attention as the rest of our face and body. Our Lips are exposed to the the hot summer sun and the cold winter winds as your lips could be the first part of your body to suffer making them very dry, chapped and even cracked.  The skin on the lips is very thin and they do not contain any natural oil glands to keep them moist, they are very susceptible to the adverse effects of cold wind and dry temperatures.  One way to keep your lips healthy and protect them from the harsh environmental elements is to use a lip product that will heal and nourish them regularly. 

The benefits of using a lip product:

Promotes fast healing of the skin
“According to various dermatologists, the human skin heals faster when it is moist,” Therefore, a lip balm is helpful in sealing the cracks that are visible on a chapped mouth. The sealing helps prevent infection and further irritation.

Protection from the sun’s rays
A hydrated mouth often makes an individual look younger. Currently, lip balms that are available in the market contain SPF that protects the skin against sun damage. Ingredients such as elastin simulators, antioxidants, and collagen builders are helpful in slowing down the aging process.

Soothing effects
The thinness of the lips makes them vulnerable to dryness. Some of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process of the lip balm are efficient in the soothing and conserving moisture of the lips. Alcohol that is present in other lip balms protects the lips against bacterial attack. The flavorings, sunscreens, colorants and various types of medications provide additional benefits to the user.

Here is a list of habits one should develop to prevent the chapping of their lips.

  • Stop licking your lips: Moisture is dried up by the sun and by the wind. The dry saliva turns into the chap.

  • Breath through your nose: This little step to redirect the flow of air away from you lips can go a long way in preventing the chap.

  • Drink Plenty of water: Hydrating your body also helps hydrate your lips. This is called good moisture, and prevents the sticky type of moisture that causes chapped lips.

  • Choose the right tooth paste: Many tooth paste contain synthetic ingredients that can cause allergic reactions and cause dry lips.

  • Choose the right lip stick: Lips stick with vitamin E, and Shea butter are always good for preventing lips from chapping 

  • Keep lips covered in extreme weather conditions.

Pure Esthetx makes natural lip scrubs, lip plumping balms to help protect and heal the lips, being protective and proactive promotes collagen production, cellular repair, hydration, and increased circulation for deeper and natural fuller pink lip tissue.  Our ingredients are all natural butters and botanical oils so there is no harsh chemicals to do more damage.  Our lip products are  made with natural ingredients to promote softness and moisture and most of all a beautiful, healthy smile. 

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