Strawberry Cream 

Soothe,calm and heal

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Our Strawberry skincare line holds a lot of great benefits for your skin, aside from the fact that it smells incredibly delicious! When followed weekly it will  brighten your complexion, soften your skin, gently exfoliate with natural fruit  acids to digest dead skin cells and lighten pigmentation, and the benefits don’t stop there! Great products line for sensitve skin types like couperous and rosacea


StrawberryCream Cleanser.png

            Strawberry Cream Cleanser

    anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-acne 

            4 oz Pump Bottle 42.00

strawberry faial mist.png

            Strawberry Facial Mist


              4 oz Pump Bottle 42.00

strawberry cream masque.png

     Strawberry Cream Masque

lifts impurities,removes  bacteria

           4 oz Jar $42.00

strawberry moisturizer.png

              Strawberry Cream Moisturizer

hydrating and revitalizing the complexion.


                 4 oz Pump Bottle $65.00          

strawberry powdered masue.png

        Strawberry Powdered Masque 

   brighter, healthier complexion.

             4 oz   $45.00

Sweet Strawberry Lip Scrub.png

        Strawberry Lip Scrub

    natural sugar exfoliation

             1 oz $12.00

Swwet Strawberry Lip Butter.png

         Strawberry Lip Butter


            1/2 oz $10.00

sweet strawberry lip stik.png
Sweet Strawberry Lip Slip.png

         Strawberry Lip Stik

     active sugar exfoliation


      Strawberry Lip Slip

saturates lips in high-shine. 


strawberry spa oil 2019.png

                   Strawberry Spa Oil

delivers intensive, nourishing moisture. 


            4 oz bottle $38.00

strawberry shower gel.png

    Strawberry Shower Gel

     moisture-rich body wash

              4 oz  $38.00

strawberry bubble bath.png

      Strawberry Bubble Bath

 luxurious and nourishing soak

               4 oz  $38.00

Strawberry Sea Salt Scrub.png

        Strawberry Sea Salt Scrub

vitamins and antioxidants infused


              4 oz Jar  $ 50.00

Strawberry Spa Salt

               Strawberry Spa Salts 

 draw out toxins, soothe, moisturize 


            8 oz Jar $45.00

New Label Strawberry Btter Cream.png

            Strawberry Butter Cream

     intensive  all-over body moisturizer

               4 oz Jar $42.00

      Strawberry Milk Bath

 exfoliating, softening, sooting


         8 oz Jar $42.00

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strawberry singles.jpg


                2 oz Jars $26.00 Each

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