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Welcome to the new age of bathing - Get ready for soft and silky beautiful skin! Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments, Bath Salt has numerous health benefits as well as many beauty benefits. Pristine bulk bath salt of the highest quality. Heal, Renew, and Restore with Pure Esthetx Spa Therapy Bath Salts all natural !


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                Apple Orchard Spa Salt 

soften, reduce inflammation,increase circulation

Bleberry 8 oz Spa Salt.png

            Blueberry Spa Salt

    hydrates,heals,soothes dry skin 

Chocolate Spa Salt

              Chocolate Spa Salt

  hydrate and brighten dull, dry tired skin

Pomegranate Spa Salt.png

                Pomegranate Spa Salt 

        soothes muscles and alleviate aches      

Orange Zest Spa Salt

                        Orange Zest Spa Salt 

            energizing oils smooth and soften skin 

Pumpkin 8 oz Spa Salt.png

                   Pumpkin Spa Salts
 minerals and nutrients relax fatigued muscles

Strawberry Spa Salt

             Strawberry Spa Salts 

  draw out toxins, soothes, moisturizes

Raspberry Spa Salt (3).png

                    Raspberry Spa Salt

          restore and soften skin while you soak. 

Vanilla Bean Spa Salt - Copy.png

               Vanilla Bean Spa Salts
    detox and soothe achy, fatigued muscles.

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The power of nature working for your skin!