Shower Creams and Gels

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Add a little luxury to your day with the most luxurious body washes and shower gels  to awaken  your senses and refresh your entire body. Deliciously fragranced with natural botanicals and natural oils for gently cleansing for all skin types.  Our bath and shower gels  create a smooth lather in the shower that Will leave your skin feeling fresh & fragrant. 

4 oa Aple Shea Shwer Cream.png

 Apple Shea Shower Cream

skin with a silky, smooth feeling 

4 oz Blueberry Shea Shower Cream.png

Blueberry Shea Shower Cream

vitamins gently cleanse skin.

chocolate shea shower cream.png

Chocolate Shea Shower Cream

wrap your skin in hydration 

glycoderm body wash.png

  GlycoDerm Exfoliating Body Wash

smooths rough,bumpy skin

4 oz Orange Zest Body Wash.png

Orange Zest Body Wash

energizing and invigorating scent 

Pomegranate Shower Gel.png

Pomegranate Shower Gel

provides gentle cleansing & hydration

pumpkin shea shwer cream.png

  Pumpkin Shea Shower Cream

maintains natural moisture balance

strawberry shower gel.png

 Strawberry Shower Gel

nourish & envelope your skin in softness.

Raspberry Shower Gel Cleanser.png

Red Raspberry Shower Gel

energize the skin with the antioxidants

Vanilla Shea Shower Cream 1.png

Vanilla Bean Shea Shower Cream

anti inflammatory & anti ageing