Pumpkin Sugar Facial Scrub

 reveal an illuminating, flawless complexion

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Pumpkin Sugar Facial Scrub cleanses and purifies skin using a powerful combination of natural ingredients Pure cane sugar is enveloped in a blend of nourishing oils and butters, spiked with warm, aromatic essential oils for a soothing facial treat that purifies skin leaving a healthy youthful glow. Pure Esthetx Pumpkin Sugar Facial Scrub is Recommended for the following Skin Types : Normal | Combination | Oily | Dry     Conditions / Concerns:  Dry | Dull | Lack luster | Pigmented | Ageing 

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Pumpkin Su

Natural Ingredients and Their Performance 

  •  Pure Cane Sugar: Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid for natural exfoliation

  •  Grapeseed Oil : Rich in antioxidants

  •  Pumpkin Extract: Reduces pigmentation

  •  Honey: Naturally antibacterial


  • Powerful combination of natural ingredients

  • Complexion is enriched and radiant

  • Enzymes in pumpkin pulp with pumpkin seed oil dissolve dull, dead cells,

  • An intense resurfacing treatment.

  • Inviting fall fragrance relaxes and soothes. 

  • Brings oxygen and blood to the surface for health skin

  • Dissolve cellular debris within the pores


4 oz  Jar $42.00