Pumpkin Peel Off Masque


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Pumpkin also contains over 100 beneficial nutrients  and a  natural rich source of antioxidants and enzymes  that act like alpha hydroxy acids that help to reverse the signs of ageing and hydrate the skin. Pure Esthetx Pumpkin Peel Off Masque is Recommended for the following skin types:  Combination | Dry | Mature | Normal   

Conditions/Concerns:  Clogged Pores | Large Pores | Anti-Ageing | Fine Lines | Wrinkles

Natural Ingredients and Their Performance 

  • Algin: moisturising and remineralising, improves cell metabolism and skin elasticity.

  •  Zea Mays: Treats sensitive skins 

  •  Pumpkin Extract:  Boost collagen production

  •  L Ascobic Acid : potent antioxidant and skin-soothing agent that can improve the appearance of signs of aging. 

  •  Glucose:  stimulates cell regeneration and encourages new skin cells


  • Repairs the visible signs of aging

  • Complexion is enriched and radiant

  • Penetrate deeper into the skin to boost elastin

  • Boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.

  • Alpha hydroxy acid promotes smoother, younger-looking skin 

  • Contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients that can help reverse signs of aging.

4 oz Pouch $58.00

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