Pomegranate Sea Salt Scrub


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A luscious fruit fragrance entices you with juicy, sweet pomegranate and exotic oils The antioxidants in the fruit protect your skin from damage and the sea salt will detox pulling out the impurities as it firms and tones. It nourishes the skin with energy and makes your body feel fresh and clean.  Pure Esthetx Pomegranate Sea Salt Scrub is recommended for the following Skin concerns/ Conditions : Dryness | Dull Devitalized | Premature Aging | Congested | Cellulite  Prone

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Natural Ingredients and Their Performance

  • Dead Sea Salt: Draws toxins from the skin

  • Pomegranate Oil Deeply Penetrating. Enhances Skin Texture

  • Grapeseed  Oil: Skin Tightening

  • Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizes the skin


  • Repairs the visible signs of ageing

  • Detox the skin of impurities 

  • A natural antioxidant

  • Promote healthier skin by fighting inflammation

  • Enhances cellular turnover.

  • Sea Salt contains ten times more minerals than regular sea salt.

  • Firms the skin 

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4 oz Jar  $50.00