Massage Oils

reduce stress, remove toxins, beautify the skin 


We tend to think of only getting massages from a therapist on special occasions. But you can now treat yourself as often as you want to a warm oil massage in your own bathroom. Our Spa oils are made for just that!  A daily massage has several benefits including reducing stress, insomnia, headaches, digestive disorders, soft tissue strains or injuries, removes toxins with increased circulation and the most important one keeping skin healthy and youthful!  All spa oils are for external use only. 


apple spa oil 2019.png

                 Apple Spa  Oil  

   ultra-moisturizing deeply nourishing 


blueberry spa oil 2019.png

                Blueberry Spa Oil 

 nourish, hydrate, replenish and heal   

chocolate spa oil 2019.png

                   Chocolate Spa Oil     

       a deeply satisfying spa experience        

orange Zest Spa Oil 2019.png

               Orange Zest Spa Oil ​

shea oil deeply hydrates & gently exfoliates          

Pomegranate Spa Oil 2019.png

                    Pomegranate Spa Oil

  nourish,moisturize and improve skin elasticity 

strawberry spa oil 2019.png

                  Strawberry Spa Oil

  delivers intensive, nourishing moisture.            

pumpkin spa oil 2019.png

                        Pumpkin Spa Oil

 phytonutrients,antioxidant protect and nourish  

rose spa ol 2019.png

                     Rose Spa Oil 

     toning and antibacterial on the skin

Raspberry Spa Oil.jpg

                 Raspberry Spa Oil

        delays the effects of aging skin                  

Vanilla Bean Spa Oil.png

                   Vanilla Bean Spa Oil

      antioxidant rich, prevents skin damage