There are different kinds of masks for different purposes: deep-cleansing, by penetrating the pores, healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation; brightening, for a gradual illumination of the skin tone.   Some of the different kinds of facial masks include clay masks, cream or gel masks, paraffin masks, and setting masks ,  also called thermal masques , which are mixed with water, applied to your skin, and harden into a rubbery material, here you'll find a variety of them.  



2019 apple collagen powder masque.png
     Powdered Apple Collagen Masque

      repairs damage,mineral rich

Strawberry Collagen Powder Masque.png
Strawberry Powdered Masque

           brighter, healthier complexion.


Chocolate Collagen Powder masque.png
Chocolate Collagen Powdered Masque

        infuses the skin with vital antioxidants  

pomegranate masque.png

           nourish and calm delicate skin.  

Whipped Pomegranate Masque
glyco derm treatment masque.png

              boosts collagen production 

     Glyco Derm Treatment Masque 
victorian rose cream masque.png
      Victorian Rose Cream Facial Masque

           for dry, irritated or rosacea skin types

Blubeerry Soy Cream Masque.png
    Blueberry Soy Cream Masque 

          replenishes and refines 

Pumpkin Creme Masque.png
  Pumpkin Creme Masque

               promotes natural moisture balance  

Pumpkin Peel Off Masque.jpg
  Pumpkin Peel Off Masque   

                          lift and restore 

strawberry cream cleanser.png
   Strawberry Cream Masque

  lifts impurities,removes  bacteria

Raspberry Gel Masque.png
  Red Raspberry Gel Masque

    lifts impurities,removes bacteria