Facial Exfoliants

exfoliate,brighten,promote cell  renewal 

Skincare facial exfoliant
Skincare facial exfoliant

Exfoliating is an important part of any skin cleansing regimen, Exfoliants for the face slough away dead cells and outer layers of the skin and even help keep your pores clean to prevent acne,  it can also help minimize the signs of skin aging and hyperpigmentation (age spots), by lifting dull, discolored cells that give skin a mottled appearance as it brightens the skin.

Sample Exfoliants

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Apple Amin

      Apple Amino Facial Scrub 

removes cellular buildup,reduces breakouts                

Pure EsthetxNatural  Skincare  Bluebery

            Blueberry Oxygen Scrub 

         oxygenating,skin enhancing,detoxifying           

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Chocolate

       Chocolate Sugar Facial Scrub

   skin-beautifying,anti-ageing benefits of chocolate  

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare White Tea

               White Tea Scrub

            a rich anti aging facial scrub  

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Pumpkin Su

    Pumpkin  Facial Sugar Scrub

  cleanses, purifies using natural ingredients

glyco derm facial wash.png

              GlycoDerm Facial Wash

  gently exfoliate,diminish scarring,boost moisture               

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare Sugared Ra

        Sugared Raspberry Facial Scrub

              deep cleans and decongests the skin.

Skincare facial exfoliant