Orange Zest Super C Cream

protect from environmental aggressors

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This creamy moisturizer has a blend of anti oxidant properties and 5% Vitamin C, refines skin textures as it minimizes fine lines and reduces wrinkle formation, fades age spots and discoloration has up to eight fold the anti oxidant protection. Restore radiance and clarity to dull, tired skin. Pure Esthetx Orange Zest Super "C" Cream is recommended for the following Concerns/ Conditions  Anti Aging | Dryness | Fine Lines | Wrinkles | Premature Aging | Combination 

Pure Esthetx Natural Skincare 4 oz Orang

Natural Ingredients & Their Performance:: 

  • 15% Vitamin C:Promotes collagen synthesis

  • Wild Geranium: Balances the skin

  • Horsetail Extract:Helps tighten, firm and reduce the appearance of lines 


  • Revitalizes the texture of the skin’s appearance

  • The visible signs of ageing are reduced

  • Stimulates the repair of the skin

  • Softens, soothes and hydrates 

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4 oz Pump Bottle  $72.00