Blueberry Soy Facial Gift Set

At Home Spa Treatment

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Pure Esthetx Natural  Skincare  Blueberr

Naturally derived formulations blend anti-oxidant-tannin rich fruit extracts with other botanical ingredients to help fight the signs of aging and moisturize skin. Fruit Based Alpha Hydroxy Acids gentle exfoliate and cleanse to resurfaces skin. Pure Eshetx Blueberry Soy Gift Set  is recommended for the following Skin Types :Dehydrated | Dry | Normal | Mature and Conditions /Concerns :Dryness | Dehydration | Dull Devitalized | Premature Aging |Tired and Fatigued Skin

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2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Soy Cleanser

2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Soy Cream Masque

2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Soy Toner

2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Soy Moisturizer

2 oz Jar of Blueberry Oxygen Scrub

Natural Ingredients and Their Performance 

  • Blueberry Juice: Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid 

  • Raspberry Juice: Reduces the destruction of Collagen

  • Soy Milk Extract :Soothes and softens skin

  • Green Tea: Antioxidant that delay signs


  • Increases elasticity

  • Complexion is enriched and radiant

  • Evens out skin tone

  • Reinforces collagen fibers for firmer skin

  • Protect the skin from environmental aggressors. 

  • Antioxidants and vitamins reduce the visible signs of aging

 $125.00  Each Set