Blueberry Soy Creamy Cleanser

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Cleanse your skin with this antioxidant-and tannin-rich super fruit. The Blueberry Soy Creamy Cleanser gently exfoliates and refines the skin.  Natural fruit acids gently removes dead skin cells and debris from the pores lifting  that dull devitalized look and feel brightening and oxygenating the skin. Soy milk is absorbed into the skin relieving dryness and dehydration moisturizing and softening the skin leaving a bright ,luminous,youthful glow.  Pure Esthetx Blueberry Soy Creamy Cleanser is recommended for the following  Dry | Dull | Combination | Dehydrated |Normal | Oily | Sensitive  and ​Skin concerns/ Conditions   Clogged Pores | Blackheads |Dryness | Dehydration | Dull | Mature and Aging Skins 

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Natural Ingredients & Their Performance

  • Blueberry Juice: tannin rich antioxidant natural alpha hydroxy acid 

  • Raspberry Juice: reduces the destruction of Collagen

  • Soy Milk : naturally rich in protein, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins

  • Green Tea: antioxidant that delay signs of skin aging, 

  • Co Q10 Vitamin B Complex: repairing damage making skin cells youthful and healthy.


  • Skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated

  • The pore size is minimized and refined

  • Provide antioxidant protection from environmental stress

  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles

  • Leaves a luminous, youthful glow.

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