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Dry,Mature Skins

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Soy Milk


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Blueberry Soy Facial Products

Blueberry Soy Creamy Cleanser.png

    Blueberry Soy Creamy Cleanser        

         exfoliates ,refines,tones

        4 oz  Pump Bottle  $38.00

Blueberry Soy Tner.png

              Blueberry Soy Toner

hydrates, refreshes and oxygenates

          4 oz Pump Bottle $38.00 

Blueberry Soy Cream Maque.png

      Blueberry Soy Cream Masque 

          replenishes and refines 


          4 oz Pump Bottle $57.00

Blueberry Soy Moisturizer.png

          Blueberry Soy Moisturizer

  enriching,rejuvenating repair cream


         4 oz  Pump Bottle  $64.00 

blueberry facial oil.png

               Blueberry Facial Oil 

recharge,replenish  and deeply hydration

                   1 oz Bottle  $28.00

Pure EsthetxNatural  Skincare  Bluebery

              Blueberry Oxygen Scrub 

oxygenating,skin enhancing,detoxifying 

                 2 oz Jar Retails $36.00 

Ne Bueberry.png

            Wild Blueberry Lip Scrub

             natural sugar exfoliation

                      1 oz $12.00

Wild Bllueberry Buter.png

     Wild Blueberry Lip Butter  


                 1/2 oz $10.00

Wild Blueberry Lip Stik.png
Wild Bluebery Lip Slip.png

     Wild Blueberry Lip Slip

        active sugar exfoliation


       Wild Blueberry Lip Stik

      saturates lips in high-shine. 



Blueberry Spa Products

Blueberry Shea Shower Cream.png

     Blueberry  Shea Shower Cream 

  soap free ,rich, creamy, skin-softening 

             4 oz Pump  Bottle $45.00

Bluberry Bldy Lotion.png

            Blueberry  Body Lotion 

   hydrating, nurturing and nourishing 


               4 oz Pump  Bottle $45.00

blueberry spa oil 2019.png

                Blueberry Spa Oil 

   nourish, hydrate, replenish and heal 


           4 oz  Pump Bottle $38.00

Raspberry Gel Cleanser.png

              Blueberry Body Butter



                     4 oz  Jar  $45.00

Bleberry 8 oz Spa Salt.png

              Blueberry Spa Salt

    hydrates,heals,soothes dry skin


                8 oz  Jar  $45.00

bluebery body milk.png

                   Blueberry Body Milk

hydrates,nourishes to promote radiant skin

                         4 oz Jar $38.00 

Blueberry Sea Salt Scrub.png

         Blueberry Sea Salt Body Scrub



                       4 oz Jar $48.00

Blueberry Delight Mani Pedi Spa.jpg
Blueberry Spa Gift Set.jpg

Our Blueberry Spa Gift Set


2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Massage Oil

2 oz Jar of Blueberry Sea Salt body Scrub 

2 oz Jar of Blueberry Salt

2 oz Bottle of Blueberry Shower Cream 

 Retail       $110.00 

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