Blueberry Sea Salt Scrub

replenish tired and dry skin

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Beautiful Spa Women

Our Blueberry Sea Salt Scrub  is made with a blend of natural oils carefully selected to feel light, yet nourishing to the skin. This scrub with it's powerful anti oxidants from  blueberries  and minerals from the sea salt  to make it silky soft with youthful glow!! This super fruit scrub contains vitamins A, B complex, C and E, potassium, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium and helps increase elasticity, and collagen.  Pure Esthetx Blueberry Sea Salt Scrub is recommended for the following Concerns/ Conditions  Dryness | Dull Devitalized | Premature Aging | Congested | Cellulite  Prone

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4 oz Jar  $48.00

Natural Ingredients and Their Performance

  • Atlantic Sea salt: softens and moisturizes the skin 

  • Sweet Almond Oil: Stimulates collagen 

  • Vitamin E Oil :Keep the skin youthful

  • White Tea: Increases the life of the cell

  • Organic Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder :Natural Alpha Hydroxy Aid  


  • Fast-absorbing and illuminates the skin as it restores moisture 

  • A blend of pure, natural botanicals. 

  • Non comedogenic

  • Apple is a highly effective moisturizer

  • Provides up to 24 hours of hydration

  • Leaves skin silky soft and lightly scented

  • Natural vitamins and fatty acids

  • Anti-oxidants which help in cell re-building and cell rejuvenation.

  • Excellent source of B-complex vitamins 

  • Natural vitamins and fatty acids