Blueberry Body Butter

intensive, creamy all-over body moisturizer

Beautiful Women

This fully loaded body butter both softens and soothes the skin - with a unique triple antioxidant base, this body butter provides moisturization for up to 24-hours is quickly absorbed  with no greasy feeling left on the skin. Pure Esthetx Blueberry Body Butter is recommended for the following :Skin Concerns/ Conditions  Dehydrated | Dry | Normal

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4 oz  Jar $45.00

Natural Ingredients and Their Performance

  • Shea Butter:Natural vitamins and fatty acids

  • Babassu Butter: Balances the natural oils in the skin 

  • Cocoa Butter: Prevents Skin Dryness

  • Blueberry Powder: Antioxidant rich 

  • Olive Oil: Restore skin smoothness.


  • Skin is nourished and moisturized 

  • Skin vitalized and healthier

  • A natural ingredient proven to deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration 

  • Provides anti-aging benefits

  • A natural anti-inflammatory

  • A source of vitamin C and antioxidants

  • Improving your skin’s radiance, tone, and texture

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