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An apple a day keeps the doctor away"... Very well said! It's not only true for health of your body but also your skin. Apples are  beneficial for body and  skin  because  Apples contains Vitamin A, B and Vitamin C   which provide antioxidant protection for healthier-looking skin.  They repair the damaged skin cells and remove dead ones. Regular intake of apple helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  Apple contains Glycolic acid which helps exfoliate and clear your pores and fight acne, it also balances oil production in your skin and reduces the flow of sebum.    Pure Esthetx Apple skincare is 100% natural and id excellent for the following skin concerns oily, dull, acneic or aging 


Red Yellow and Green Apples
Apple C Gel Cleanser.png

              Apple "C" Gel Cleanser

  exfoliate,lighten and  deeply cleanse

                4 oz Bottle  $38.00

Apple Hydration Mist.png

       Apple  C Hydration Mist 


           4 oz Bottle  $38.00

Apple Stem Cell Serum.png

         Apple Stem Cell Serum 

    anti-wrinkle , anti-aging serum

               1 oz Bottle  $56.00

Apple Amino Facial Scrub.png

            Apple Amino Facial Scrub 

removes cellular buildup,oxygenates the skin

                     2 oz  Jar $36.00

Apple Collagen Powder Masque.png

  Apple Collagen Powdered Masque

     lifts impurities and re-balances

                 4 oz   $ 45.00     


         Apple Spice Lip Scrub

        natural sugar exfoliation

          1 oz  Jar  $ 12.00     


            Apple Spice Lip Butter


              1\2 oz  Jar  $ 10.00     

Apple Spice.png

      Apple Spice Lip Slip

 saturates lips in high-shine. 


Apple Spice Lip Stik.png

    Apple Spice Lip Stik

active sugar exfoliation


Apple Shea Shower Cream.png

       Apple Shea Shower Cream

  soap free,moisturizing body wash

        4 oz Pump Bottle $ 45.00     

Apple Orchard Sea Salt Scrub.png
       Apple Orchard Sea Salt Scrub
vitamin rich, refining ,detoxing body scrub

                  4 oz Jar $48.00

Apple Orchard 8 z Spa Salt.png

                  Apple Orchard Spa Salt 

soften, reduce inflammation,increase circulation 

                           8 oz Jar $ 45.00 

Apple Body Butter.png

                 Apple Body Butter

        soothes,calms,hydrates dry skin

                   4 oz  Jar $45.00     

apple spa oil 2019.png

                 Apple Spa  Oil 

ultra-moisturizing deeply nourishing 

          4 oz Pump Bottle $ 38.00 

Apple Orchard Mani Pedi Spa Set.png

        Apple Orchard Mani /Pedi  Set

                  $130.00 for the kit                         

Apple Orchard Manu Pedi Singles.png

        Apple Orchard Mani /Pedi  Sinlges

           2 oz Jar  $24.00  Each   

2 oz apple shower cream.png
Apple Stem Cell Serum.png
Apple Orchard Sea Salt Scrub.png

Apple Orchard Spa Set 


2 oz Shea Shower Cream

2 oz Apple Amino Scrub

2 oz Salt Scrub

1 oz Apple Stem Cell Serum

1 Apple Lip Slip


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