Apple Orchard Sea Salt Body Scrub

     vitamin rich, refining ,detoxing body scrub

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This fragrance is the aroma of a juicy apple in the orchard. This salt scrub has antimicrobial properties that  gently remove impurities from your skin,uses the power of nature to sooth and exfoliate leaving your skin feeling like silk. Applying this treatment on your hands, feet and body nurtures and helps maintain youthful looking skin. Pure Esthetx Apple Orchard Sea Salt Body Scrub is recommended for the following  Skin Conditions and Concerns: Dry | Dull Skin | Lack Luster | Cellulite Prone 

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4 oz Jar   $48.00

Natural Ingredients & heir Performance

  • Apple Essential Oil  - Activates collagen production 

  • Sea Salts: Softens and heals the skin  

  • Grapeseed Oil: Skin Tightening

  • Freeze Dried Apple Powder: Moisturizing, Brightening and Nutritive 

  • Apple Extract: Rich in antioxidants

  • Macadamia Nut Oil: Restores the skin's barrier function and keeps skin hydrated


  • Naturally effective complex of ingredients delivers a bevy of benefits. 

  • Acidic & Exfoliating - natural alpha hydroxy acids that help to gently exfoliate your skin and break up dead proteins that hold skin cells together

  • Sea Salt  softens and nourishes dry dull skin.

  • Rich in trace minerals

  • Balances body fluids

  • Hydrates skin

  • Anti-ageing Benefit

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